Janss Steps PR Day (WLA)

Today was a different PR Day course, but there was the same intensity, the same work put in, the same infectious positive energy that makes every Wednesday so damn magical when it starts with this tribe. AND you conquered a brutal 5.5 minutes of planks to wrap up the morning! Next PR Day is going to feel so easy in comparison!

A few quick love letters from this morning:

Evan, even though I call you Ryan half the time, you push your limits every single workout. No one can be around you without being inspired to push harder. 

Susan, you were FLYING up Janss this morning!!! Soon you’ll be giving Drew a run for his money (WTG on that course record by the way, Drew).

Alarcons, never leave us again, please and thanks. I guess getting ENGAGED is a good reason to be off celebrating though! Congrats Jenna!

And finally, Joey, you are constantly looking for ways to be helpful, constantly going out of your way to lift others up, and you have this wild, friendly energy that has made our tribe better since the first day you stepped foot in Drake Stadium. You so deserve the Positivity Award. May you take it on lots of adventures this week!

I want to write a love letter to every single one of you but this blog would be unreasonably long. Come ask for one next week and I’ll tell you in person! THANKS FOR A ROCKIN’ MORNING!!!!



  • Next week we’re back at Drake with a special “back-to-school” themed workout!
  • #JustShowUp with a backpack of your choice, and fill it with whatever you think will make you stronger.
  • Facebook event HERE!


  • Registration opens NEXT WEDNESDAY, Sept. 5th at noon!!!
    • It’s first come first serve, so make sure you’re on it!
  • Joint trail racing relay event with Phoenix, San Diego, and LAX on November 3rd in Joshua Tree.
  • We will pair you on a team of 8 with other West LAers & you’ll take turns running a ~3 mile course until the time cutoff
  • WE’RE CAMPING OUT! campfires, & loads of fun to follow!

West LA Social Page, add yourself! Click HERE!

  • A few of our troops have been organizing 5:30 am RUN GANG around the UCLA campus loop! A hilly 4 mile lap around campus for those who either can’t stay for the main workout or just want a little more milage! Look out for the posts in our social page on where to meet!
  • If you’re ever free after the workout, BREAKFAST CLUB @ Whole Foods on GAYLEY located HERE!

Join our group on STRAVA!

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