NP Was Just What I Needed

While Capozzi and EmSauce are out of town for the NP Summit 6 in Milwaukee, the Friday morning #PRhills workout was led by George Woodward and Andi Gould–and we’re so grateful they are a part of the tribe.  They bring all kinds of leadership, energy and charisma, and we knew everything would be in very good hands with them in charge for the day.  The photos today were taken by them, the blog below was written by them–and they keep putting their mark on the tribe in the way they each show up, work hard, proudly represent Boston NP, and the way they connect to the other pretty awesome human beings around them.  THANK YOU George & Andi for what you did today and what you do every other day too! 

From George:  Although, today, some were away, we still wanted to play. While we missed out mates who were in Wisconsin for 6.0 we turned up to race hills. Three Full Hills – that’s what we run on PR Day.

And run we did. Some ran fast, some ran a lot of hills, some ran slower or ran less hills. Everyone, regardless of how fast or how many, worked hard. Hard is Hard for everyone and #PRHills are hard.

Congratulations to everyone who earned a Pink Dot. And Congratulations and thank you to everyone who #JustShowedUp

For those of you with FOMO – well you missed the most incredible tag. Big thanks to Joev had his gang of taggers.

Was a thrill for me to lead the bounce along with Andi. (who knew Andrea, aka ABG, aka the Artist in Residence, went by Andi?) Those smiling faces looking up at us, expecting something fun during the bounce, were a joy to behold. NP has been, in this difficult 2018, my little private space. A space in which I can just be me, without a worry, without a responsibility. It’s a big part of how I have coped. Today, I had a little responsibility and I worried, could I get it right.

Guess what, it didn’t matter, because all of you made NP just what I needed. Again.

This tribe is so very strong.  It’s often what each of us need for way more reasons than simply working out–but it is working out and all the rest too.  Thankfully, because we all just keep showing up, it’ll keep being here, as we need it, always. 

Monday Destination Deck

The Monday workout will be held at Charles Elliot Memorial Park, right next to the Community Boating boathouse. MAP HERE.

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