not just fair weather friends (ORL)

“brr, it’s cold out here. there must be some NP in the atmosphere! i said, brr, it’s cold out here. there must be some NP in the atmosphere! O-E-O-E-O… #iceiceice”

i’m learning that low temps are a pretty rare occasion here in orlando, but when they do come, the stalwarts still show up and earn their mornings.

they arrived at dawn, layered up and ready to bounce. after a round of burpee freeze tag, we settled into the main event! it was a straightforward 3-station circuit at the far ends of our kingdom: working from 1 to 10 repetitions of push ups at the small dock, into 1 to 10 bench jumps on the boardwalk, and wrapping up with 1 to 10 bicycle crunches at the long dock. rinse and repeat. bundled up in their wintry best, the tribe rocked out 55 reps at each station, with laps thrown in between.

the final piece was a back-to-back wall sit off, where we leaned on each other (literally) or support, for warmth, and for another fine morning well spent. no matter what the temps, your tribe will be here for you! in rainy weather, moist weather, fair weather, blazing hot weather, or bundle-up weather, you take what the day gives you and you #makeitbetter.


  • no, we’re not #traverbaling to hawaii…. we brought some leis in support of #UCF quarterback, mckenzie milton. #chargeon #10hana
  • looking for some more layers? #NPbuffs are coming! fill out the pre-order google doc here. ($5 each, quantities limited, 3 max, design tbd, eta sometime in 2019, paypal/venmo link enclosed).
  • want the 411 on meetups, additional workouts, race announcements, #cheergangs, and more events? follow the Social page on facebook!
  • just a couple more chances to do your ABvember HW! for more info, click here.
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