Jam -> Jelly (YEG)

“Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up! Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up”

That’s 2 bounces in a row that have been influenced by our love of music. Andrew and I can’t wait to see what Nadim brings Friday!

You all braved the icy conditions crushed race day! I challenged you to think of your bounce legs as “the jam” and turn them into jelly while you climbed up the river valley. There may have been a time when someone challenged you and said, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” but I’m pretty sure you proved them wrong!

In addition to seeing everyone push themselves today, it was great to see Rob earn Abe’s hat (for the first time) and Katie defend her Lincoln Memorial title.

Join us again Friday at Walterdale Hill. If the positive trend continues, the bounce will be one you don’t want to miss. Rumour has it that Nadim’s been working on it all day.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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