Another Wednesday (Boston 11.28.18)

Another Wednesday.  JUST another Wednesday? 

No way.  There isn’t such a thing as just another Wednesday at November Project.  Sure, there are about 52 Wednesdays every single year.  And in all 49 November Project tribes there’s a workout every single Wednesday–so that’s a whole lot of Wednesdays.  But after showing up to hundreds (and hundreds) of them now, I’ve come to realize that each one is unique.  Each one is it’s own party, it’s own sweat-fest, it’s own bounce, it’s own PR day, it’s own season, and it’s own vibe.  Every single Wednesday is it’s own thing.

Today’s Wednesday was a November PR day in Boston–which was pretty cold (which still didn’t stop some brave souls from running a full tour shirtless), very dark (the 5:30 group started and finished completely in the dark), and had a ton of excitement.  DJ Dukes was in the house, a boat load of PRs were achieved, and the vibe was nothing short of electric. 

So each and every week you can decide whether you show up for “just another Wednesday” at the stadium with November Project Boston, or if you take advantage of gathering up as many of those Wednesdays as you can.  Based on how good this morning felt, we should get ’em while they’re hot, because this shit is good. 

Big thanks to everyone for working hard and for supporting the community around them today.  Shout out to DJ Dukes for the beats and DJ Phoenix for the gear! And hooooooray for the newbies who crushed their first half- or full-tours.  See you all on FRIDAY!

Next Workouts:

Friday: 6:30am top of Summit Ave (Corey Hill Outlook Park) in Brookline.

Monday: 6:30am at Copley Square.  (find a buddy to run to this one–it should be pretty central for everyone!)

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