Fast Friday (Boston 11.30.18)

Fridays are for hills in Boston.  Summit Avenue is a beast of a hill, and we run it every Friday.  It’s long, it’s very steep, and it’s so damn hard.  So today, we played a little game of leapfrog (with driveways) to make that hill fast.

It’s just about impossible to sprint up the whole hill, but if you sprint in tiny sections–like in between a couple of driveways–you can definitely build in some hill sprints that you would never ordinarily do.  Here’s how it works:  We ran the front hills only today, and on the down hill section, we paid attention to the driveways.  As you run downhill, if you run past a driveway without a car in it, you simply run past.  But if you run to a driveway with any cars in it, you turn around at the driveway and sprint uphill to the previous driveway (with or without a car in it).  Just one driveway back.  After reaching that driveway, you continue downhill again, leapfrogging the driveway that you turned at last time, and proceed in this rhythm all the way down the whole hill.  Once at the very bottom, you cross the street and turn to run straight all the way up the hill.

The simple version is: super-short sprints uphill, sprinkled into the run downhill, plus the regular uphill.  It’ll keep you warm going down, and it’ll challenge you even more on the way up. 

This Leapfrog workout was something new–a fresh bit of Friday hill #spice.  And it was just a little risky.  Because there are lots of us, the quick turns to sprint back uphill caused many of us to run out in the street–which is dangerous, even if we do put #safetythird.  Now, we can be a little better about sticking right next to the sidewalk when we’re sprinting uphill, just to be sure that we don’t get run over AND to better ensure we don’t scare or confuse drivers of cars going up and down the hill.  But taking some risks is an important part of pushing past our preconceived notions of what we can do or what something is.  Hills are clearly not always just running straight up and straight down.  And if we never break out of that normal pattern, then we never find the extra push & challenge or the extra satisfaction from doing those sprints. 

So the lesson from today is this: definitely find ways to take risks and try new things.  And doing so does not require you to sacrifice your ideals or values (like safety).  We’ll do it better next time, both because we’ll know better how to make it as safe as possible, and because we’ve practiced it before and we know the flow & rhythm of the workout a little better.  It’s a good reminder for life too–if you want to get faster, be better, and keep growing at anything, you have to be willing to take some risks and stick with the new things, even if it’s a little messy the first time.

More Free Fitness on Monday

We’ll continue with the fitness on Monday, Dec 3rd, with a Destination Deck workout, to be held at Copley Square.  6:30am.

Dress for the weather–it’s getting colder and we always encourage everyone to dress in layers that allow you to get warm and shed layers, but also layer back up and stay warm after the workout! 

More photos today

In addition to my stellar photo offerings (posted in our Facebook album today), our good friend Harry Mattison also took some great photos of everyone, which you can view here in his album on Facebook.  Thanks for the sweet shots, Harry!

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