Closing Thoughts On November

Dear Tribe,

This is to be read after the workout. So if you are hearing Alexa read this, I am proud that you did not let the freezing cold stop you and for keeping the dream of sweaty hugs and fuck yeahs alive. November is a special month because that’s when the dream all started in Boston, spreading slowly across the globe and eventually making its way to our very own ATL. 

Think back to where we were this time last year. Our tribe was the new kid on the block and trying to make a name for itself. Now we are known among other tribes as well as in our community as the group that is 100% committed to making big shit happen! A FREE workout group that started with less than a dozen people, no money, and barely any connections, somehow was able to collaborate with so many organizations in the city and make some epic events happen! Piedmont Park, Grady High School, The Atlanta Belt Line, King of Pops, Big Peach Running, Back On My Feet, Colony Square, The Home Depot Backyard and so many others. 

All of your effort and commitment has paid off over this year and we could not be prouder to be named one the Best of Atlanta for free fitness! So as the colder months approach and it gets harder to roll out of bed, don’t let it stop your commitment. This is the time when we show up for each other. As your tribe leaders we are committed to always making things better and we need YOU to help! Think of all the amazing times you have had and friendships you have made through November Project. We have only started to scratch the surface and there are still so many people in our city who have yet to experience their first November Project workout!  

So get out there and talk to new people, be awesomely weird, and give a stranger A FUCKING SWEATY HUG!!! (or high five) 

Mom & Dad

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