Marathon Hype

The vibe has already started.
Marathon week is here. If you’ve never experienced Marathon Week in Boston, you’re in for a treat, if you’ve lived it before, you know what’s in store (hey! that rhymed!). The (always memorable) “Wednesday before” is already passed us. Gear has been tagged, tapering has been adhered to (or ignored), and the tribe has been hyped. We ran fire drills under the lights in the cool dark April morning. It was bonkers.

This weekend, the circus comes to town. People of all walks of life will descend on our city, and humans from tribes around the world will come to visit. For some of you, they’re old friends, for some of you they’re complete strangers. But as we know with November Project, they won’t be for long. If you see #grassrootsGear on an unfamiliar face in the next week*, go introduce yourself, say hi. Make sure they know about the goings on (see below). If you see a November Project tag during the marathon, cheer your face off.

There are many reasons I won’t ever run another race without November Project spray painted across my chest, but the main reason is when you sport our tag on your race gear you get shout outs from people you’ve never met. People that know of NP ’cause “their friend’s daughter Alice does NP” will yell “Yeah November Project!” People that know NP ’cause “they used to do it, and moved and can’t anymore” will yell “At least it’s not Summit Ave”, and folks that ran next to you up Section 18 a month ago will say exactly what you need to hear, “you’ve fuckin got this. Get after it.”

The tribe is strong. The tribe is large. And you never know who’s out there that knows exactly what we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and can give you that extra bit of encouragement when you need it most. When you’re racing, you NEED those people. When you’re cheering you need TO BE those people. Going into this weekend, be whichever one the moment calls for.

Good luck racers, race your asses off. And cheerers? Get ready to go batshit.

The goings on:
Friday morning 6:30am: #PRHillz. Earn your dot by running 3 full hills as fast as you can.
Monday morning 6:29am: Cleveland Circle shenanigans.
– Monday morning 10am-?: Mile 18 Cheer/Water Station.
– Monday evening: Who knows! The world is our oyster.

Where ever you end up over the next few days, show the world why the Boston Marathon is the greatest race on earth. Be kind to the people around you, and give into the HYPE. It’s gonna be a great time.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

*really this rule stands for any time ever from now until the end of time, but who’s keeping track

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