In partners we trust (MTL)


  • Derek is away, we sad.
  • Scotiabank is right around the corner, we happy. (Are you running? Perfect. Not running? You’re cheering! Details on our upcoming sign-making session below.)
  • SUMMIT. Read the last blog post for the best deets here.

Silvana said something to me today that I really liked as we were trying to maneuver a new, more challenging exercise . I lay on the ground, pulling my body up towards hers, in an extremely vulnerable position where if she bailed, I would fall. She looked at me and said “You know what I really love about these workouts?” “What’s that?” “I love how much you trust your partners”. I sat with this for the rest of the morning. She was so incredibly right. Yes, in that moment she was referring to the fact that I was trusting her to not let me descent abruptly unto the cement only to find out if my head is in fact a piñata, but we trust our partners (and the rest of the NP group) in even deeper ways. We trust our partners to give high 5s or hugs (definitely unconventional), we trust them to scream swear words as loud (if not louder) than us, we trust them to cheer us in even if we just met, to learn our names and our favourite board games. We trust them to support our decision to #justshowup and give ourselves the opportunity to be real and be silly. And we support the hell out of them too.

So thank you for the trust that you give to others, and thank you for trusting them right back.

For the boring announcement stuff:

  • There is growing interest in guest co-leading while I am away! 2ish more weeks to reach out to us if this interests you + to let us know however many weeks you are thinking! (May-July).
  • We are cheering for the Scotiabank race next weekend (April 21-22)!
  • Everyone is invited to my place on the Thursday before the race (Thurs. April 19th) to make signs and hang out! FB event to come.

Have a great week and see you Wednesday morning!


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