It’s raining rain [MTL]


  • Perhaps we have to work on our #weatherproofness (#weatherproofity? #weatherprooficience?)
  • Still hyping that April 22nd race cheer station! Put it in your calendars!
  • Interested in being a temp co-leader for part of the summer? Reach out to us with the number of weeks that you want in for and why you’d be a good candidate!

This morning was very wet. No really, like super duper extremely wet. Kinda slushy. Also pretty windy. And yet, we, the weatherproof few still managed a hard and strong parkade workout. Props to the powerful (and definitely #weatherproof) few that got through the lil’ storm, and to all of you who stayed in your cozy beds: I guess you’ll just have to prove that you are weatherproof all next winter!

In other news, the Scotiabank race is quickly approaching and many of you are running. If you’re not running, you’re cheering! Put the date (April 22nd) in your calendar and stay tuned for more details!

As we mentioned last week, we are (re: Derek is) taking on a few of you for the summer to replace me while I’m away! If you think that bouncing and leading workouts sounds fun and for you, reach out to me in the next 2 weeks with the number of NPs that you would want to lead for and why!

Can’t forget to wish a bon voyage to Derek! Or should we say “ichiroheian o inoru”, which loosely translates to “I wish you a smooth road”. Enjoy said smooth roads over the pond and come back to us full of stories and raw fish!

Finally, SUMMIT ANNOUNCEMENTS: …I should first admit that I stole 99% of this section of the blog post from the boys at NP Indy because, quite frankly, they nailed all the details and all the hype.

Main announcement is that the Summit 6.0 location and date has been released and we are headed to Wisconsin from September 14-September 16!!  For those of you who don’t know what November Project Summit is – it is the annual congregation of ALL November Project tribes, their members, and their leaders from across the globe.

It starts with a Friday Morning Pop-Up workout.  Here is a pic and video of last year’s when it was in Boston:

And from two years ago just outside of Toronto:

Then there is the race Saturday in which you can run anywhere from a leg of a marathon relay (10K), up to a full trail marathon, to a 50k ultra, to a 50 mile ultra: Here is a summary video from TWO YEARS ago in Blue Mountain, Ontario:

After the Saturday race, there will be an after party/giant reception (NO VIDEO EXISTS AS IT IS TOO EPIC TO CAPTURE) that will be held somewhere in Milwaukee.  Details on that to come.

So what do you do now?

  1. Mark that date on your calendar – Thursday, September 13 (evening) – Sunday, September 16
  2. If you are in or interested, start talking to other members of NP Montreal or global NP. Want to get a team together for the Marathon Relay?  Good – start the discussion on the Facebook page or start talking to people at the workout!
  3. Check out the registration and get signed up.  Get a team signed up and make sure to use the discount code NP20!
  4. Find a place to stay in Milwaukee. Either group up with some Montreal people and get a block of rooms, an air B-n-b, or find a friend and crash on the couch.  Or, you can  even camp at the Kettle Moraine State Park where the race is held.  (Note on camping: The park is about 45 minutes from Milwaukee where the post-race shindig will be held).  There is a global spreadsheet going around as well where you can find more information on couch surfing, camping, teams, etc.  CHECK THAT OUT HERE . I already see 1 Montreal name on the list and I can’t wait to fill ‘er up with more!
  5. GET HYPE!!!

See y’all next week when dad’s away and I get to play! (insert maniacal laugh here)

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  1. I’m keen to learn more! How do I find the next meetup for Montreal? Would be great to have a crew to work out with rather than solo all the time.

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