Too much is never enough.

I think we can confidently say we showed up today. We co-leaders often wonder (or at least some of us do) how hard we can push you and how far you’ll push yourself, tribe.

Trails, hills, endless pushup, and sit-ups. We throw these kinds of workouts at you because most of you walk away pleasantly surprised. All of you non-runners, those of you who never thought you could do 10, 20, 50 pushups, going out there and busting out 200.

November Project San Diego

It’s why we make these hard. It’s why we give you burnouts. And it’s why we always challenge you to do that extra minute, do that extra set, and run that extra loop. Your limits are always further out than you know.

November Project San Diego

Take this into life. For homework, challenge someone today to go that extra mile. Whether it’s at work, at home, at the coffee shop, with yourself – challenge someone to take a task, an assignment, a workout, with a fist bump say, “you fucking got this,” and push them a little further.

November Project San Diego

Be strong, San Diego. Let’s make each other better. And always be bright.


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