Racing is…

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like being in Boston for the Boston Marathon. Today the local tribe raced #PRhills, striving for that PR dot on our hats and shirts. Everyone visiting from out of town to run the marathon and our hometown crowd who will be beasting out 26.2 on Monday all cheered the PR hill racers, hanging out at the top of Summit Ave., chatting with eager anticipation of the marathon. The hype is not only huge, it’s palpable. What will the weather hold? What to wear…before and during the race?

Whether your big race this marathon weekend was this morning at the hills, will be tomorrow at the BAA 5k, or starts Monday in Hopkinton, we hope you remember this:

Racing is a privilege and an honor. It takes courage and humility. It requires some guts and a willingness to fail–because there are no guarantees at a starting line. You can train with diligence and persistence, with consistency and patience–and no matter how perfectly or imperfectly that training goes, the only guarantee about race day is that you have to show up fully, give everything you have, and believe in what is possible. And then, racing 100% also means you let go of the outcome. In order to be fully present in each moment, each Hill repeat, each mile –even in a marathon–you have to run for THAT MOMENT, not for the outcome. Whether you win or lose, PR or don’t, even if you cross the finish line or not, racing is about showing up, fully. Heart and grit, dedication and commitment are not determined by the end of the race but by the Journey.

So whatever happened this morning, and however the races tomorrow and Monday play out for all of us, please do this one thing. SHOW UP. Give everything you have, and let go of the outcome. The tribe is strong and surrounds each one of us — we never race alone. Whether you have NP’ers screaming at you along the course, or you hold someone in your mind and/or heart as you race, you race with a tribe.

Go be a tribe of positivity and kindness out there this weekend–and fucking shine on Monday.

and definitely, absolutely show up on Monday for the NP workout at Cleveland circle. Traditional location, all you volunteers can get to mile 18 easily. Exact spot in the tracker. And here in google maps.

Other fun all day at the NP Cheer Station at Mile 18 of the marathon course. #JustShowUp

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