It’s Friday the 13th and the Hills are ALIVE!

I typically don’t think too much about Friday the 13th and really, this post won’t dive into superstitions or anything.  I just was thinking about being sneaky while Jesse was away and having everyone run repeats and count them for TeamKait. But I’m a nice person and didn’t want any extra weird juju going down with it being the 13th and everything.   Let me be honest, it seemed unfair to tip the scales that much.

So I split the newbies up equitably and somehow Jeff wrangled a group of San Diego folks to join their side.  At this point, TeamMess seems to have a majority of the traverballers and all of the dogs.  (Editor’s Note: TeamKait was rocking the SF traverbal crowd so we are still split 50/50) BUT let’s just look at the current score totals:

  • 568 – Team Kait
  • 532 – Team Mess

Yes, I had help counting the totals, so all is legit.  Anyways, well done folks.  Week 2 complete and I’m blown away each week by the effort y’all are making out there.  Make sure to spend some time STRETCHING because those quads and calf muscles are getting a lot of attention this month.


Battle of the Babysitters – Announcement coming oh so soon with our fabulous Babysitter lineup!

Finish the Ride/Run – There is still time!  Plenty of walking/racing options and a lovely way to spend your day in Griffith.

PICTURE DAY! – We’re going back to the 90’s on May 11.  Boom.

FUN FACT:  On this day in history – in 1743 Thomas Jefferson was born!

Do Good LA. 

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