Making Your Mark

This morning was special. First and foremost, Megan, Ian, and I wanted to say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to guest lead for a day and create this wonderful mark on our lives. November Project is such a strong community full of bright amazing individuals each with a unique contribution that makes it what it is. Every member adds to the community and leaves an impact. You add a smile. You add a high five. You add motivation and energy. Each of us has a mark to make of our own unique composition that adds up to something truly special.

November Project San Diego

So today, amongst all the burpees, high fives, and hills, we focused a little extra time to leave our mark. We brought out a bunch of markers and let you draw on a blank canvas anything you felt at that moment. The drawings were a mix of funny, bright, weird, and heartfelt. Each one adding to the collective, making our own unique art of US. It’s a poster that represents something near and dear to my heart – how you’ve all made such an impact on my life.

November Project San Diego

When I moved to San Diego from Wisconsin, I didn’t know a single person. While I loved the beaches and warm weather, there was always something missing. It wasn’t until I found November Project that I truly found my sense of home. It’s been a source for best friends, the love of my life, countless examples of inspiration and joy, and a community I know is always there for me. I hope today served as a reminder that we all make a wonderful mark on this tribe and on each other’s lives. I know you have all made a life changing mark on mine.

November Project San Diego

Have a bright and wonderful day!



  • MONDAY, Memorial Day, May 28Moonlight Beach in Encinitas! 6:29 AM. Just Show Up and tell your Canadian neighbors!
  • SUNDAY, June 3rd – Tour De Taco Social! Grab your wheels, and come tour the best tacos in the city. More details in the event page here.
  • SUMMIT on September 14-16th. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from other tribes and to recognize just how big and awesome this COMMUNITY is. We’re more than just a workout group. So grab a team, and sign up for the race – we get 20% off! Details here.
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