50 Ways To Get To NP

Winnipeg Notes:

  • June 6th- Birthday Workout at IG Field
  • June 13th- Yearbook Photos (theme TBD)
  • June 21- Peg City Scramble
  • June 22nd- Sunrise 6K
  • June 29- Trash Stigma with Junel the running machine

What up fam. June is coming in hawt (literally- it’s really hot out there right now) and we’ve got some BIG sh*t coming down the pipeline (not literally, that’s gross). The Birthday Bash is going to be very nice, so you should come. It happens to fall on Global Running Day, and running is good. So we will run the stairs of the Investors Group Field, and we will run on the field; we will bounce, we will dance, it’ll be grand. Lululemon YWG is hopping on board and helping out again; DJ Dad Bod, Speakers, photography and videography. So put on your best lycra, wear your grassroots, and get your ass to the IG Field on June 6th. Don’t forget to print and SIGN the Waiver. Lulu is also putting on a run for global running day that evening; 6pm at the forks. Surprise your legs; do both!

Yearbook photos– We take a posed or candid photo of you during the workout on Wednesday, June 13th, we post the album, and you can use the pic to hype up November Project to your frenemies (all of your friends should already be coming by this point).

Peg City Scramble- Megan’s brainchild. We ran this event last fall, it was a way to trick everyone into running 10km’s. Just kidding, it was a great night; people had to form teams of three, a facebook album with photos was released on the hour, everyone had to figure out where it was taken, run there with their team, snap a pic, and try to get as many locations as possible (without going over the hour; if they did- automatic DQ). There was a lot of sweaty bodies crushing beers in the Kings Head by the end of it. So, start getting your team of three together, work on your strategy, and see if you can win it this time around.

(Because I’m always the one taking pics)

MANITOBA MARATHON- This is the event we’ve all been waiting for (well, some of us anyway). Will it be gloriously hot? Will we be blessed with a light rain and cooler temps? Will there be some bonks of epic proportions? Only one way to find out. Come race, and if you’re not racing, come cheer. Dad’s can wait, or better yet, bring your Dad! June 17th, it’s going down. (I’m so effing nervous for this race).

Sunrise 6k-  We are starting something new. Sunrise 6k for the last Friday of every month during the summer (June, July, August). Except for June, that’ll be June 22nd, because June 29th is Trash Stigma with Junel (workout at Garbage Hill). It’ll be a good way to push yourself everyone month; harder, better, faster, stronger. We will still start and finish at the Legislative Building. Make sure to tell people; that’d be funny if someone showed up for their first workout on the last Friday of a month and have to run 6km. Also, we have started doing Fun Fact (Fired Up) Fridays. Show up this Friday to see who will be giving fun facts.

The momentum going into this summer is great. And we haven’t even started talking about Dragon Boating and Goldeyes yet. Let’s keep growing it; hold your friends accountable, get them out to the workouts, and we will make sure to plan workouts that can accommodate the bigger groups. Let’s spread the awesomeness that is November Project to as many people as we can, all the while getting a little fitter, a little friendlier, and a little weirder.

Kristjana ran her first half marathon on Saturday in Fargo. She lives and breathes November Project. She is a willing November Project dog sitter. She is front and centre of every group photo. She is quite deserving of the Shabooya award. We are glad you’re here, Kristjana.

-bloggy D



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