Perfect Day at the Stadium

Today was the best, right?  Super sunny, almost perfect weather (unless you’re one of those people who don’t like any temperature above freezing), a great big tribe and all those stairs to climb.  Here were some highlights:

  • We tried to bounce to EmSauce’s version of Kanye’s song and it was shitty.
  • All-May Mullet is going strong, and CPayne now understands the appeal of a man bun.  Because sweaty neck from mullet hair…  Heard from section 33 this morning…”Does anyone have an extra hair elastic???”
  • Two of the Newbies from Monday showed up today and they really showed up!  Julian & Mauricio, we’re glad you’re here!
  • Capozzi finally got his drone working at the stadium.  Peep his IG account for footage.
  • Diana Hunt was shooting GOLD on her camera during the 6:30, so check out her album for some sweet new profile photos of yourself.
  • Mike Orbank was given the #PositivityAward and it’s not because he’s Jake Dillabaugh’s friend, he’s actually a deeply-deserving PA recipient all by himself.
  • Sunscreen Alice made an appearance at the 6am group, but stealthily avoided all hugs because she’s allergic to sunscreen and we don’t hug her when our skin comes out so she doesn’t have allergic reactions to our hugs (and lotions and sunscreens on our bodies).
  • Most of us ran 40 sections or got really close to that, and our friend George Woodward did a double workout so he ran 80 sections (plus a few more).  Ever feel the need for some motivation, follow that fellow around the stadium.

Okay, you get the point.  It was great.

Now for the MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS you need to know:

Friday: we have a workout at Summit Ave.  6:30am.  It’s time to start showing up there if you don’t, and definitely bring everyone you know.

Monday: Is a holiday, and we’re playing Sardines for our workout.  READ THE BLOG and check social media on Friday because we’ll be posting the map with the area of the city in which our Monday #DestinationDeck workout will happen.  You’re going to be #FindingDestinationDeck.  Just hope you find us before the workout is over!

Tuesday: (May 29) for everyone who will be running any trail races and wants to learn more about trail running, we are offering you a trail running info session (like a newbie meeting!) and run along the river with Sam Masters, of The North Face Trail Tribe.  This is a really good idea if you’re signed up for any of the Endurance Challenge Races but don’t have a lot of trail experience.  Topics covered in the info session will be:

  • how trail running is different from road
  • how to run more efficiently on a trail
  • how to better navigate common hazards on the trail
  • training plans for trail races
  • what shoes to wear
  • how to read trail maps to know what to expect on a run

We will meet at The North Face store on Newbury St. on Tuesday evening for the info session and the run (exact time still TBD).  The run will be 3 miles and you can wear whatever shoes you typically run in, if you don’t have trail specific shoes.  All speeds and experience levels are welcome.  Any questions, contact EmSauce.

June 9-10: The North Face Endurance Challenge MA.  We’ve been talking about it and if you don’t yet know what it is, read more info here in this blog, and here on the event website.  Then sign up!!  NP gets 20% discount with code NP20.

June 23: Keep holding the date for an AMAZING event for NP Boston.  More details coming, just don’t miss this.

Keep changing the world, friends.  Have a great day.

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