Why Do You Show Up?

So, we’re getting a bit sappy today in LA.  Please stick with me on this.

Why did you show up and why do you continue to show up?  Whether it’s your first time at November Project or 50th or 100th and beyond, what makes you come back again and again?   Is it the workout or the smiles or the people?  One of my favorite things about this community is the fact that I am able to get to know so many new individuals.  I love asking this question and genuinely care about the answers you provide.  Maybe it’s because you read it online or saw an Instagram post (yay for #content) or maybe your friend had been talking your ear off and you thought you would check it out.  Maybe you want to train for a race or maybe you’re lonely in your city and wanted to make some new friends. Maybe because you love giving out high fives as you run stairs or feel the infectious energy from the people around you.

As a matter of fact, I started showing up because of all of the above.  I read about it online, followed my friend’s social media, and was living in a city where I knew no one except my co-workers.  I was looking for a different type of workout besides running and I was desperately seeking a community, a place where everyone accepted you for you.  Sure, I probably wanted something like the modern day Cheers where everyone knows your name and  you know what?  I think it comes pretty darn close at times.

I show up because I know that there are people out there that I can learn from.  I can push myself to be a better person, athlete, leader, friend, and beyond.  I show up to be a part of something, to help nurture and build this community so that everyone feels the joy and excitement from a workout.  I love it when people leave workouts with a sense of accomplishment or even just with a set of endorphins and are pumped for the rest of the day.  I love reading about people’s reactions from workouts all around the city, country, and world.  The fact that this environment is even located around the world and invites people to explore new cities is phenomenal.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had some pretty awesome highs and some not so lovely lows.  Three weeks ago my position at work was eliminated and I was left without a job.  Everyone encounters these highs and lows and I know that it is a bump in the road.  But I was still left without a sense of purpose for the next few days.  I knew that the next day was Wednesday and it provided me the perfect opportunity to just show up.  Ok, sure, as a co-leader I sort of have this obligation to #justshowup, but the morning’s workout enabled me to stop thinking about the situation for a minute and instead bounce around, run up and down some hills with people, and encourage people to thrown down and have a good time working out.

I know that right now I am speaking for myself (obviously because I’m writing the blog) but I hope that others can relate.  This community has taught me that it’s important to talk to strangers, to learn new perspectives, to listen, and to give back.  Did you know that I can be an introvert at times?  ‘Tis true.  But I have to say, the past almost 4 years of participating and now co-leading have encouraged me to push beyond my comfort level, to say fuck it, let’s try something new, and to have a little more fun in life.

So, why do you show up?

Other things to know:

#BotB finishes up Friday, May 25th as Nikki and Elliott take us to the California Incline.  Per Nikki, breakfast club at Philz. #ellikki #avocadotoast #basic #justshowup #recruiteveryone

NP SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  This is a great time to meet other NP folks and you can run a solo race, relay race, relay with anothre tribe, etc. etc.  Check out this handy dandy Google Excel Doc for more logistics.  OH and to save $$, register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off.

Better than Bedtime – June 10th at 6:27pm starting in Pan Pacific Park.  Facebook Event HERE.

May Social/Mixer – This SATURDAY at 11am in Hancock Park.

Fun Fact: Stitch as in the awesome character in Lilo & Stitch is also known as Experiment 626 (which is the area code for a portion of Los Angeles county – areas such as Arcadia, Monrovia, El Monte, most of Pasadena and West Covina). I know, you guys were hanging on the edge of your seat for that one.

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