Let’s Play Matchmaker (BAL)

First dates are weird, most of the time. You have to assess the situation, make odd conversation about your shoes or the weather, or even just figure out who he is because you walked into the restaurant and he said he was a bald man, and then you realize the restaurant is filled with them — what do you do? I went on one date where the guy wouldn’t allow me (yes, allow me) to grab a sweater from my house. That didn’t last long. #truestory

Today we decided to embrace the awkwardness of a first date. With your nametag in tow covered in your sweat, you raised your hand proudly yelling “I need a date!” And low and behold, someone appeared before your very eyes, ready to embrace you, chat about your week, and more importantly: run and squat with you, staring into your pupils the entire time. It was intimate, we know.

Today was a big day for a lot of reasons, besides the fact that this is our third speed dating session. Read parts ONE and TWO now if you wish. No, it was big for the tribe at large. I didn’t pass out during the bounce, which is always a surprise. Jon + Bobby + Allison Future Mrs. Coleman had their one year #NPversary, Gail and Tim had their final workout with us before they move across the country, and Sarah Mahogany Buzogany (I am told they rhyme) won the positivity award this morning.


These are all huge milestones: new changes, new routines, new outlooks on life. But the fact is, is that this is a big day for you regardless of your milestones. You took a moment last night to consider your alarm clock. What time would you set it at? 4:30AM? 5:00AM? 10:00AM? No alarm!? No, you made a conscious decision to set it early, wake up, actually drag yourself out of bed (which I deem the biggest feat of all), and join us this morning. And not only did you do that, but you put on a nametag, embraced the weird, learned about your date, and shared a little about yourself while running and sweating, and all before 7AM. If that isn’t a big day for you I don’t know what is. But whatever it means to you, it means a lot to me and to our community as a whole. Thank you for smiling this morning and being a part of this movement each and every week. We hope to celebrate your 1, 2, 6 year #NPversary or your very first day as long as we both shall live. I do. (Some #np_speeddating has led to marriage and best friendships. #fact or #futurefact)


NOTE: make sure to come for next week’s PR day as we mix thins up with a super secret #grassrootsgear tag, some free yoga in the middle of your workout with Free Baltimore Yoga, and one hell of a good time.

Keep on loving each other,


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