The Happiest of Moods (BAL)

I’m not sure what it was about this morning. Maybe it was a little warmer. Maybe it was the presence of four-legged licking-loving creatures. No…not Nick..they were actual canines. Maybe it was the 8-year CA high-school NP run-in I experienced. Maybe it was Pat, Nick, and I scheming on bigger and better workout plans for 2015. Or maybe, just maybe, it was solely…you.

Actually, I know it was you. You came this morning and hugged each other. You dressed in your finest running tights and stripped your layers one by one. You grabbed your partner and parted ways, only to return to the gift of burpees and stairs. You high-fived one another and me until my gloves came off or my feet left the ground (one too many times). And through the sweating, cursing, and shedding, you were the one smiling the whole time and pushing your partner in more ways than one. You make it exciting for the three of us to #justshowup every week. Especially when it’s your #NPversary and you have become some of the most amazing Bmore ladies and friends we know.


And congratulations to the guy with two first names, winning the positivity award and being a bad-ass individual: Eric George.

ANNOUNCEMENTS — lots for the BEST month of Feb:

1. WED FEB. 11, 2015 – SPEED DATING workout
2. SAT Feb. 14, 2015 – Cupid Undie Run 
3. WED FEB. 18, 2015 – #Sunrise6K
4. All month long — WORKOUT COMPETITION. Coming soon.
5. If you have not picked up your buff, come to workout. 

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