Navy Seals and NPers

Navy Seals and NPer’s

“There are only two types of people in this world who are #weatherproof…Navy Seals and NPers.”

Chris Stucky
While the rain this morning apparently was kryptonite to a lot of #NP_NO, the tribe still had some superhero members #justshowup and prove that we are #weatherproof. And what better way to kick off our first Super Hero workout then with a tenacious group of athletes that would not be denied by the mother nature.

We kicked everything off with a bounce and some group yelling to warm up the body, the voice, and maybe the soul a little bit.  After that, on to our favorite set of stairs to complete the warm up.  This combination brining everyone to that equilibrium where everyone is soaked to the core from cold rain and body heat trying to seep through the layers of clothes.

After we shed some layers, it was onward and upward for our Superhero’s.  Kate’s workout consisted of stations around each of which was assigned to a different superhero.  Supermans for Superman, plyo-side jumps for Spiderman, jumping jacks for Batman, and Burpees for the Incredible Hulk (nothing makes the hulk angrier than burpees, and that is why in a weird way he loves them).  All of this on a continuous circuit with sprints, like The Flash, in between each station.

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It is hard work being  a super hero, but no one ever said it was easy.  The group that we had today fiercely attacked the workout and all that mother nature brought this morning.  We could not have asked for a better group of super heroes to represent #NP_NO.

The Positivity Award today was given to everyone who showed up.  Through the rain, the cold, and the burpees, they all kept a smile on their face and that is what it is all about.

And for those of you who SKIPPED Today…….well, that is for another blog post which will be soon to follow.

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