Time to Go Padula (SD)

Wednesday’s Phrase of the Day

Go Padula:

(noun) the last name of a co-leader of November Project San Diego.

(verb) to push harder, run faster, yell louder, high five more.

Synonyms: HAM.

In a sentence: It’s time to go Padula on these stairs today.


Today at November Project San Diego, you all went Padula on the Convention Center. You flipped cards, hoisteed, sprinted, and raced everything.

What you do from 6:29-7:29 every Monday and Wednesday goes so far beyond just the workout. You’re changing your own life, the lives of those around you, and inspiring everyone you meet (including those confused tourists during the group photo).

So get out there, continue to BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, BE BRIGHT and BE FUCKING AWESOME San Diego.


Super important but boring announcements:

1. Halfway Hump next Monday at Kate Sessions Park. Tagging will occur. Please limit to 1 article of clothing per person, brain cells are valuable.

2. Pack light for NP workouts.

3. Type GO JESSIE, RUN FAST in the comments section of this Facebook post if you a) made it this far reading and b) love Jessie.

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