back…back…back it up…

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0262.Thumbs up  if you were craving a serious dose of stairs for breakfast.  Ok even if you weren’t, you go it!  Today it seemed like everyone was on something, like they all got together before the stairs, and had some….red bull. Hit the stairs for a PR day.   Their game was on point, and these humans for the fiercest fucking humans in Calgary for 1 hour.  We had one woman who surprised us, by saying she came for a workout at the stairs and wasn’t expecting all of us there, she wasn’t happy, so we asked her to join us.  She didn’t this day, but she will.  We’ll keep you posted.

Today it was promised that the next set of stairs would be in our football stadium, and that we would be ninja’s and scale walls.  I mean clearly as part of the workout. Guess you’ll have to keep reading the updated posts to see if it happens.  But if your always on social media, then you know your answer.

Today, it was decided that Calgary is going to take over Vancouvers workout, and without them knowing, we would collaborate with San Diego, and they would have no clue what hit them.  They are oblivious to this plan, and it will be glorious.

To this dude….who happily accepted the positivity award last week.  He came to us by his lovely wife, who dragged him with while he kicked and screamed….luckily, we all knew how to calm him down and make him smile.  We hugged him, while his initial hug was light and needed some work, we proceeded to bounce.  Well, little did we know, this dude can bounce, oh and crazy enough he can run, do burpees and crush triathlons.  No big deal, just dust that shoulder off.  He might be the best dude to show us a thumbs up, and truly be himself, cheering everyone on, and smiling through it all.  He is strong, determined, outgoing, huggable.  He is a John, and he is November Project Calgary.





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