“At least buy me dinner before we hoistie” -Baltimore

– This morning was 50degrees

– This morning was speed dating

– This morning WBAL TV showed up

– This morning we had a NP_DC #traverbaler

-This morning had a Raven’s cheerleader

This morning, our coffee was just a little stronger, our hoisties a little higher, our burpees a little burpier, our runs just a little faster. Some mornings you wake up and “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc plays not once, but twice. Some mornings you wake up and Mother Nature says…hell yeah, we can push the rain until later.

Some mornings everything just jives. Today was that morning.

#NP_BAL had our most epic turnout on a day when the  TV news wanted to hear about it (details about the air time to come). We crushed our 5 minute super sets of 1/3 mile laps, 50 burpees and 50 box jumps before switching partners and hoisting a new tribe member. Everyone was hoisting with everyone…congratulations to Steve and John on their perfect hoistie form. You may not know it…but the leaders are always watching. Sorry we can’t all hoist like you guys.

To summarize: Today was beyond good, it was great. Tony the Tiger great. Gretzky Great. Charles Darwin great. Free Chipotle tacos on Halloween great. We hugged a shittank (still working on the correct pronunciation of shittank), met a ton of new people while being inspired by the positivity of our veterans ( Congratulations to Emily on her positivity award! You deserve it  Fur Shur.). Thanks again to Lisa and Chuck from WBAL for waking up, showing up, doing some hoisties and hopefully making us look good.  Way to move this morning folks, cant wait to see what kind of shenanigans we get up to next week.





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