Cupcakes for Breakfast (Indy)

We had our first NP Indy birthday celebration planned for today. Then the birthday girl got sick and bailed on her verbal. Michelle, we missed you today and we ate your cupcakes. Yay! Cupcakes for breakfast!


In other news, Indy has experienced all four weather seasons in the last 48 hours. Sunny and 70s yesterday, fog and 40s at 5am today, rain and falling temps at go time this morning and 33 and snowing currently. Futurecast forcast is calling for another snowpocolypse in the next 6 hours, prompting schools to start on a delay or close entirely. Wait, what? Closing school before the first flake even falls? That’s just not okay. I know there are #weatherproof people in this great city. And you should #justshowup. Come show Indy you don’t have to hibernate anymore.

Our real racers of Indy showed up today and played in the rain, splashing each other with puddle jumps. No music or cameras today due to the rain–we value our equipment. Just the real racers who between wall sits, tricep dips, and of course stair running and beloved Sally (butts down, chest up) were panting, grunting, sharing stories and hugging it out.

Leeza gets the diehard award today. Leeza has busy Wednesdays. She shows up (when the temperature is >10 degrees F) goes straight to her works her real job (skips the shower) and then at 5pm to her second job, home at 9pm for two glasses of vino before hitting the hay. That’s dedication.

Next week, we race! Come compete for the Winner’s Cape!

Wednesdays  6:25AM Butler Bell Tower

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