Lions? Lambs? Whatever. It’s Warm(er)! PHL

It is warm(er) out there, and it’s clear Philadelphians love these (overdue!) spring temps. The tribe was the largest to date today, with a handful of new recruits, and y’all rocked the party like nobody’s business! (Seriously, these folks rocked it so hard that one tribesman left his pants behind!)

Today’s workout brought us back home to the Art Museum steps. We kicked it off with the usual suicides on the steps, broke off into two teams and did a set of ledge jumps. What was next? Circles and hugs, and we brought out the decks for a jokers-wild, long-hug, partner deck “sesh” that kept everyone sweating, swapping partners, meeting new folks, screaming for more and going hard.

Lisy said “Adios” to the Hard-Hat today and gave it to the guy whose name she “only knows from Facebook” — Richard “Grampa” Pogue. In true Hard-Hat form, this guy went so hard today that his ledge jumps were from inside the fountain — which is more than two times as high as everyone else! GO HARD, Grampa! Richard brings an excellent dynamic to our tribe with his smile, encouragement and enthusiasm. He never stops giving it his all, and it is pretty damn contagious. Congratulations, Richard! We can’t dream up what you’ll be doing with the hat this week. We’re anxious to see it and you again next week!

The tribe was amazing today. The tribe was connected today. The tribe worked as a team to get each and every member to bring out the best in themselves and each other. What a way to start a Wednesday. We love you. See you folks in SEVEN days!


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