The #Vortex sweeps through San Francisco in tornado fashion

I blacked out the last 10 minutes of that workout. Probably during the Chaos Lap.

Wisconsin notes:

-“The Vortex” came back with whirl of new categories

-Some of these categories offended people

-Some of these categories only Gil fit the description of (i.e. “Your AIM screen name had the numbers 69 in it”)

-Andrew Hutchinson got awarded the Positivity Peg Leg for being the most bad ass mother this tribe has seen. Also he maintained his cool while leading 40 incredibly loud people through Mount Tam on Saturday. Look for Andrew’s guest blog post coming soon!

-Tantek got named the Burger King birthday king

-Katy and Mark got their murder whisper fill that made them feel welcomed, wanted, and exposed all at the same time.

-Sarah Moret dropped a verbal for Friday

-Friday Hills: Flat Friday! Meet at the Ferry Building, 6:24 AM. It’s a Friday. Which means this shit is going to be really fun(ny).


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