Let there be RaceMan

And just like that, history is made not only in the world of November Project but in the WORLD.  World Takeover is real and it is happening. Days like today where we get faster, stronger, faster, more badass, and just plain better remind us that every workout counts.  Every workout like today moves us closer to that World Takeover we keep talking about.  The hype is strong.  The vibe is super super positive.  And this shit is good.

RaceMan: a workout at Harvard Stadium wherein every section is raced as an all-out sprint, with partnered racers competing against each other.  The racer to get both feet to the top step first is the winner and goes to the right, while the racer who gets to the top step second (or the loser of the race) goes to the left.  If you didn’t follow, let’s pretend you and I are racing from the bottom of section 28.  Let’s just say that you win, by getting to the top first.  You high five me, turn right and head down the stairs to the bottom of section 29 and race someone new there.  I high-five you and go left, down the stairs to the bottom of section 27 and race someone there.  If I win that race, I go back to 28, if I lose, I go to 26.   If you win every single race, you end up closer to section 37.  If you lose every single race, you end up closer to section 1.

We attacked RaceMan for 5 minute intervals, with 2 minutes rest in between.  We did 4 repeats.  And then 2 more minutes of racing.  A total of 22minutes of really fierce, badass, super hard work.

But here’s the amazing part of this crazy-ass workout.  It didn’t matter whether you were racing the fastest fucker out there or the slowest kid on the block.  If you were racing, you just made sure you knew your racing partner, put your head down, and raced.  That’s it.  Sometimes you went right, sometimes you went left.  Sometimes you tied and you didn’t know where to go…but no one really worried about it.  We worried about puking, and a little about whether we would die (no one did), but the racing was pure and simple.  And it was hard.  It was a really good reminder how important it is to change things up every now and then–and how critical it is to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.  Getting out of our comfort zones is the only way we grow and get better.  As my friend Sandra said after this morning’s workout: “I traveled so far out of my comfort zone today I needed a passport.  I lost every single pairing but could not have been happier because each time was the fastest I’ve ever gone.”

I’ll say it again.  THIS SHIT IS GOOD.

Let’s not forget that there was ALSO some super badass RobotMan work going on between sections 19-1 today.  The Tribe is really fucking strong and I couldn’t feel more motivated, inspired, pumped up, jacked, excited, and just really gooood about how we are changing the world.

And it keeps getting better:

#Sunrise6kSummerEdition is ON for Monday, June 8th.  Read here for all the details about it we are giving out so far. 

It’s 6k. On 6/8. At 6:30AM.  If you’ve heard hype or hope that there will be a 5:30 group also, the request has been heard.  #DEE is deciding whether we like you all enough to make that option possible.  Who the fuck am I kidding?  We want everyone to race their faces off.  There will also be a 5:30AM race time.  Get ready y’all.  ‘Cuz it’s about to go down!

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