There’s just so much hype about “beach bodies” and getting “summer sexy.”  It’s too much.  It’s not necessary.

We don’t need to be “summer sexy.”

We need to be Summer6k.

Every single November Project Tribe–all of #NewsCh19–will be racing a #Sunrise6k in June.  Boston is leading the pack with an early race.  YOU NEED TO BE THERE.  This is the second edition of the #Sunrise6k, and if you have any memory of the winter in Boston, you remember that the entire city was covered in 847 inches of snow, it was -72 degrees with windchill, and we each had to shovel out our own running path before we could take more steps.  We barely had sunlight for the group photo at 7:30.  Times for the 6k were respectable, considering the conditions.

But look around now, you observant and almost-summer-6k human beings! There is no snow. The forecast requires no #weatherproof-ness whatsoever, unless you want to apply sunscreen to your skin.  After all, the sun will be up more than an hour before the starting line bounce at 6:30am.  Leave your shovels at home, forget your layers and layers of gear.  #JustShowUp, ready to #RaceEverything.  And wear your #GrassrootsGear, you won’t regret it.

Don’t think too hard about it, just know this is the time to throw down and race your face off.  Fuck “summer sexy…”

Get dialed into this free fitness community and instead get yourself #Summer6k.

The important deets:

WHEN: MONDAY, JUNE 8TH.  6:30AM start. (Newly added 5:30AM start also)

WHERE: The Charles River.  Exact starting line location will be announced this Friday, per the usual Destination Deck protocol.  Parking will be accessible and plentiful.

WHO: You.  Your NP friends.  Everyone you can possibly recruit.  Don’t make me list everyone.  Don’t forget your mom. EVERYONE is invited.

WHAT: 6 delicious kilometers of seeing what you’re made of. Race, run, jog, walk, dog walk, race your friends, race yourself, whatever… just show the fuck up.

WHY: Why the fuck not?

(and some good reasons: #FreeFitness #Community #RaceEverything #PR #NewsCh19 #EveryoneElseIsDoingIt #ItsNotACult #Summer6kNotSummerSexy)

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