#RaceEverything: The Sunrise 6K 2.0 Experience

This morning #NP_MSP put #raceeverything to good use. Not only did we race each other, we raced the rising sun, and then the incoming storm.

Sunrise 6k 2.0 6_3_15 021Today is National Running Day.  There’s no better way to kick off such a valuable morning than with a race. MSP tribe members took off this morning from the middle of the stone arch bridge all the way out to Main Street or “Historic St. Anthony Main.”  They traveled all the way down to the train bridge that can be sighted on the left-hand side, turned, and then made a loop on boom island, high-fived Ian “No-BS” BS, and made their way back the way they came.

Sunrise 6k 2.0 6_3_15 029

We had fast people this morning. Fast people. Fast Dogs. It was crazy.

Ben Merchant led the pack with a final 6k time of 20:24 and Siena Ellingson took home the gold for the ladies with a 6k time of 25:46.  Second and Third place men were Matt Wiersen with a time of 21:41 and Jack Mullaney with a time of 22:42.  Second and third place women were Natalie Heneghan with a time of 25:57 and Dana Johnson with a time of 29:54.  First guy and doll each received the ultimate gold metal: a 5lb sack of Gold Metal flour to coincide with our home-base.

Sunrise 6k 2.0 6_3_15 033Sunrise 6k 2.0 6_3_15 034

Colleen Supple and dog Louie received a small 2lb Gold Metal flour award for “First Dog” and Melissa Somers and her canine companion Cooper received the same for “Second Dog.” At the sunrise 6k, everyone wins.

Sunrise 6k 2.0 6_3_15 035

Today has already been a great day. For those passionate runners out there, go celebrate National Running Day! For those who celebrated with us, congrats. You’ve already had a great day and it’s not even 9am.


We “do” Fridays! UMN Boathouse, 6:27amm (you should know this by now)

Check out the Socialize and Share page and the Official November Project Minneapolis facebook pages for event updates!

All time postings from the sunrise 6k coming soon!

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