Watch and See (DCA)

Today is National Running Day…another one of those made up holidays. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that for us, every MWF (at least) is a day for moving and running. For example, today’s workout was a sneaky ~2 miles of stairs…but most of you didn’t know it until now. We’ve fooled people into getting fit by masking it as a fun, positive, motivating community and IT’S WORKING.

We move.


We make or city a better place.


And sometime’s we even win gps watches from TomTom for logging 600+ miles and raising funds for local/national organizations (TeamRWB).


So now that you’ve started to become part of the community, what’s next? What if you missed out on the CharityMiles competition? What if you simply can’t rack up 600+ miles in a month? What if TODAY was your first day?

You’re not left out. YOU are just as much a part of this as every other person here: whatever pace, age, or level you’re at. What matters is how open you are to hugging, positivity, motivation, and pushing yourself. In fact, we have ANOTHER competition coming up. This one doesn’t require you to ride 76 miles on your bike. However, it might require you to take 76 seconds and talk to someone you do or don’t know. Here’s how it works:

1. For the month of June (started this week), recruit as many people as you can to join you for a November Project workout.

2. Make sure those people are here for the #Sunrise6k on June 24th. This workout will be in place of the normal PR week workout.

3. The person that recruits the most ‘new-in-June’ tribe members (and those tribe members are present on June 24th)….DRUMROLL…..


Get out of your comfort zone a bit more and #RECRUITEVERYONE.



FRIDAY: Logan Circle, 6:29AM #EarnYourWeekend


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