Headless Headphones (DEN)

Tribe, I am sorry. Today could have been much better for you had there been music and snow. Though in my defense, I have control over music , and the delivery of snow is in Matthew’s job description. I let you down by improper battery management of our two eyed boombox, named Bennie, or is it Benny? I promise it will only happen another 7 or 8 times while I’m holding the reigns. As for the weather, now that it is June, we must not forget that we are #weatherproof. I know you much prefer sledding and snow angeling, while bundled up in ninja layers, through the dark mornings of old man winter, however, you’ll just have to deal with the ideal-to-perfect weather that we have been guaranteed between 5 & 7 AM for the duration of the summer months by our resident meteorologist.

That means you have no excuse to not #JustBeThere. Whoops, I meant #JustShowUp, to this free, sweat-imbued, hugfest called the November Project. For that matter when do we graduate from our “Project” status to a status of higher repoire? Will we become the November Series? The November Movement? The November World.

November Project Denver - Tilt your phone
November Project Denver – Tilt your phone


I like that. In the grand scheme of the reasons we November Project (verb), music certainly makes our workouts more edgy, adverse weather conditions make us more badass, but it’s you, yes you, and your sister, and your neighbor, and your co-worker, and your ugliest worst fattest uncle.

* The 530/615 Pre-Bounce Positivity Award transfer is now a thing. Tell you mom.

Spread how amazing you are to wherever you go,

Lt Dan


FRI : 530-615A &/or 615-7A : Governor’s Park : Hill Antibodies Challenge #1 : Meet at  7th &  Pennsylvania

HYPE FRI : 6/19 : SUNRISE 6K : 515A & 600A : Cheeseman Park : Round TWO, #FREE Racing for you.

November Project Denver - 530 Starrrrs
November Project Denver – 530 Starrrrs
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