Sunrise 6k Recap (DEN)

The first annual NP5280 Sunrise 6k- North American November Project Sunrise 6k Race Series was a swimming success. The race recap will be delivered Wisconsin Notes style in honor of the state in which this great race originated. Ready, go:

-5:30 group went out with a bang. Kim of 5:30 fame took first overall female for both groups. Boom.

-Julia made a playlist that allowed for constant dancing at the cheer section/start line/finish line/2k check point.

-Steve went full firefighter and wore 40 pounds on top of a full firefighter suit. Hats off my dude.

-If it was acceptable to steal dogs and claim them as your own, Zooby the dog would be mine.

-Buckley the dog turned 1.

-The winners won one of a kind plastic fish shaped platters. Winners, please remember the true efforts that you put forth on this day in the future when you use said platters to serve guests shrimp cocktail or an assortment of cheeses. You earned it.

-It was serious.

-It was fun.

Thank you to everyone who showed up today whether it was to race or to cheer for your fellow tribespeople. The hype was real.  Please go online and put your time in the tracker!! Top 5 men and women are shown below.

1 Sean McNeil 21:15
2 Matt Lancock 21:34
3 Aaron Greenbay Epps 22:03
4 Scurvy 22:35
5 Married Nate 22:41
1 Kim Chin 24:15
2 Julia 24:31
3 Robyn 24:51
4 Teresa M 25:47
5 Jessie 28:01

Weekend: definitely earned.

Out: Molly.

WED 2/25: Kaitlin Pace’s birthday. I mean PR DAY! Civic Center Amphitheater. 5:30/6:15A.

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