Get Your Ass to Shake Shack (DC)

Crowd surfing, peek-a-BOO, hugs, neighbors, city, 2 degrees. One of those things is out of the norm, but we didn’t let that stop us from doing the rest.

We have some insane things on the docket for 2015. We want to take our message of free fitness, community building, and getting fucking after it to a whole new level. Events, M/W/F–everything. We’re excited that we’re just beginning to touch the surface on how insane we can make this group. That starts tonight. Recruiting Papers Party, 7:30 pm, Shake Shack Union Station.

Recruiting Papers are our business cards. We’re grassroots so we stamp our info on recycled cardboard. We then take those cards and give them to joggers we see, coworkers who like gyms, yoga teachers who om, and everything inbetween. We’re taking over the city and it starts tonight.

Love is always,

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