My morning was better than yours (YEG)

Top 10 Reasons My Morning was Better than Your Morning

10. I got to slip and slide my way down Emily Murphy Hill

9. I participated in a moment of silence where I stood awkwardly for 2 minutes with my back to people who didn’t know what was going on (it was funny…Becky kept giggling)

8. I made someone do burpees and then laughed at them while they did them.

7. I was lapped by really, really fast runners which made me dig deeper to run faster

6. I gave out at least 20 high 5’s all before 6:30AM

5. I got to see my friend Jaden who has woken up really early on her Reading Week holiday to hang out with me (she’ll be back in April)

4. I wished some friends good luck in the half marathon they’ll be racing Sunday.

3. I cheered on a guy who was walking up a hill to work…he was wearing a hard hat and had a big lunch kit! (he must get really hungry during the day)

2. I gave out and received many hips-in hugs.

and the Number One reason why my morning was better than your morning is that


If you had a  morning that reads like my list, I guess we can say we’re even. If you didn’t, I bet you wish you did…& just like a genie, I can grant you that wish!

Join us Monday at United Cycle for our final February Parking Lot workout. We start at 6AM SHARP!  Wear a hockey jersey.

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One Reply to “My morning was better than yours (YEG)”

  1. I guess my morning was not as good as yours. I did resolve a four-year-old’s melt down about being the last one with her jacket on before heading out the door. So, maybe my morning was a close second to yours?

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