Life is one great big fucking adventure.

November Project adds to that adventure…in spice, intensity, racing, hugs, friends…simply a place to be on a -11 real feel Friday morning.  When many (most) are comtemplating how to get through another cold snowy day in Boston, we are #weatherproof and we get ourselves to the hill to run.

And when life gives us huge snowbanks, sometimes the adventure is the new course we take in order to Just. Keep. Running.  Summit took on a new one-way “stay to the left” feel, going down Summit Path stairs to Mason Terrace, cutting over to Summit Ave and up the freaking hill.  We raced, we yielded to cars, and we showed how weird winter makes us.

weird eye iciclesThe #DEE #SafetyNinjas are super grateful that the tribe was amazing at being fierce, safe, and sharing the road with cars.

I find myself at the end of a long week with a lot of snow feeling so proud to be a part of this tribe.  We really take care of ourselves, of each other, and of our community–every damn day.  And it’s unbelievable that on a morning like this, in a winter like this, that so many badass human beings make November Project happen.  It is indeed an adventure, and I’m so proud to be on it with you all.

deniz and dana

And now for totally unimportant announcements:


The Beantown Tribe now has it’s very own Instagram account for you to follow.  @NovemberProjectBos is the newest, hottest, hippest, badasseryest, best way to be visually inspired by your hometown tribe.  Blow that shit up, my friends.


This will be a super lame, very slow, not-at-all competitive race of exactly (probably) 6000m.  In the United States we call this 3.73 miles.  In the uber-chic running communities we call this 6k.  Every damn NP athlete should show the fuck up for this race on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2015.  Rain or shine, cold or goddamn heat wave.  There will be a 5:30am weatherproof race (finishing just before sunrise). And a 6:30am weatherproof race (starting as the sun crests the horizon).  We will meet at Harvard Stadium.  NONE of the race will be done on the stadium stairs or the snowy track infield.  Racers will be hugged. Speed rivalries will be tested. Personal Records (PRs) will outnumber the snowflakes on the ground. Winners will be called out. It will be and adventure and it will be EPIC.  Only one question remains: DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?

Let’s show every other NP tribe that 7 feet of snow can’t stop us, that our tribe is large and in charge, and that Boston came to RACE.

#Sunrise6k #RiseAndShine #RaceEverything #Weatherproof #JustShowUp #Represent #Badassery #PR #Adventure


Let the Adventure continue.  Location is just next to Kenmore Square and you need to bring two small and sturdy garbage bags (for you environmentally friendly human beings, bring a reusable bag that can be tied closed), and warm, dry gloves or mittens.  Expect hand contact with snow, so plan accordingly.  You’re in New England…gear up!

group photo

Go spread some NP sunshine this weekend.  Keep changing the world.

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