The Struggle is Real

Indeed it is… If you haven’t lived through a full Mardi Gras, then it is tough to fully explain the toll it takes on your mind, body, and spirit. Contrary to the highly acclaimed documentary series Girls Gone Wild, its almost all positive (except for that one time in college that everyone claims to have been too blacked out to remember but secretly does. The hair growing out of the mole on his/her upper lip was surely a figment of our imagination). We digress… Mardi Gras is on some level about celebrating the excess in life before the purge and self reflection of Lent (Note: No theology majors amongst the NP_NO Leadership and CCD was often forsaken for Saints games, so please allow the artistic license). What we mean is that Mardi Gras is something different to each person, but at its base its just fucking Awesome. We could think of no better way to kick off Lent and purge the sins of the past few weeks than by waking up this morning to shake off the hangovers and cobwebs with the most fucking awesome people we know. Yes, it was a struggle this morning for all New Orleanians but very few had as much to look forward to as the NP_NO tribe members that #justshowedup to continue the general DGAF spirit (also known as Le bon temps rouler) that permeates the Big Easy. We rolled right off the parade routes and parties into the steps and didn’t look back. Another Mardi Gras down and an entire lifetime of fitness just one more set of stairs ahead.

Preston ran a wicked workout today with just the right amount of stairs and not one but two sets of bounces (yeah, we were that groggy that we needed two). We paid for every adult beverage imbibed and bead caught with the Lenten Loop and its combo of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, and lunges. At the end there was plenty of sweat and more smiles than grimaces, as we now know that every Fat Tuesday leads into a November Project Wednesday and That Shit Is Good!


This week the positivity award winner is Erin. Erin continues to show up every week and keeps pushing as hard as she can… And of course all of this is done with a smile and we have put out an APB for Sean and the missing Positivity Stick… the burpee police always get their man.

#Sunrise6k next week… stay tuned and get ready to #raceeverything

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