NPSF Celebrates National Running Day By Not Running (SF)

Okay, we ran a little. But the workout today was focused on making it difficult for you to climb up and down stairs for the next few days. Because I’ll be damned if we aren’t known as the “tribe with the nicest set of backsides” in the NP10129.

Today we sprinted stairs, duck walked, squatted, and bear crawled our way to a sore ass. But while reviewing the photos after the workout, I realized there are many versions of the “FROG JUMP” out there. So I thought I would give you a little breakdown of what we saw out there in the field today:

A) The “Oh My God, I Jumped Too High And Am About To Fall On My Face” Jump: This jump is usually demonstrated by newbies, overzealous fitness enthusiasts, and ex-trampoline athletes. You are so excited to jump, your calf muscles are incredibly tense with adrenaline, and as you fly over the top you realize there are no brakes mid flight. This jump usually ends in disaster. Let’s hope she turned out all right.


B) The “THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING A FROG JUMP!” Jump. These jumpers are usually so overcome with emotion that they forget to leave the ground. This leaves the bottom person in a very awkward position, as the enthusiastic member is frozen on top of them, refusing to move as they don’t want this glorious moment to ever end. Tears often ensue. For both parties involved.



And Finally…

C) The “I literally just come for the hugs and could care less about getting a workout in” Jump. Zero effort. Zero attempt at even hiding the fact that he hasn’t broken a sweat in the 2 years he has been attending NP workouts. But let me still gangster jump over this girl and see if I can get her number after.




FRIDAY: 6:28 AM Sand Ladder Steps at Baker Beach! Meet at the top. Also, don’t miss this workout.

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