Let There Be Light (PHL)

Today we caught out first glimpse of morning light.  Gone (hopefully) are the days where darkness remains a constant for our early morning sessions. Today was mild and the sun peeked out early as we pounded the pavement at the Art Museum.

We modified our firedrill to include steps, loops, ramps, push-ups and sit-ups.  We crowdsurfed our good friend Casey in celebration of her birth.  And #NP_Homework was taken to some pretty high levels.  Speaking of which…have you done yours yet? Remember get them posted soon, time is running out!  Here is more info: https://november-project.com/instagram-photo-contest-np_homework/ You have until 2:59 AM EST on Friday to post your photo (silly West Coast time).

See you at LEMON HILL on Friday!

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