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This is going to be fun. Starting this Friday, we’re asking anyone on earth, NP member or not, to post a photo to their personal Instagram accounts wearing either the new YELLOW November Project Buff, or the older, now retro, black & white Buff. The Buff must be seen in this photo and somewhere in the copy below the photo, the phrase “#NP_Homework” must be used. Tagging your local tribe’s handle, as well as the “@novemberproject” mothership account, is helpful and keep you from getting lost… but not required.

The theme of this #NP_Homework Instagram Photo Contest is to show how you’re “Loving Your City.” Love is the theme of this upcoming weekend and we thought we could aim that love at the 30 cities where NP thrives. Only the person who owns the account can win, but as many people as you want can be featured in the photo. Again, the theme we’re going off is “Loving Your City.” Read into this however you’d like. NP Buff visible. #NP_Homework used in the copy. And you’ll want to get creative with the theme “Loving Your City” to win. What do you win?

Well hang on, we have to deal with those Serbian, Icelandic, South Floridian, Victorian Candians who’re reading this thinking, “But we didn’t even get those Buffs and we get to be a part of this for sure! This is unfair.” Yes children, this is unfair. Your time will come. This time you’ll have to watch… or work some magic via social media / mail to get your hands on a Buff. Knitting your own Buff WILL count, as long as we can’t tell it is a fake. Now, what do these winners win?

The final four photos picked by our team of November Project judges will all get hooked up with weatherproof gear by our family at The North Face. That’s right, all of the top 4 photos picked by our judges are winners, champs, the best. JACKET? Trail running shoes for the upcoming #NPSUMMIT? A sexy-sexual trucker cap? All of these items wrapped in a giant, dark green piece of lettuce, served to you at PF Chang’s on a date in college with a girl from the volleyball team who you will never forget? Whoa, um, sorry about that. Anyway, you’ll have to make the top four to find out.

Once the four are picked, we’ll go into a dirty 4-way photo collage posted on our account and ask the good people of the smartphone internet to decide which one they LIKE best. That winner will get unlimited tap water from their local YMCA, a lifetime pass to all November Project workout locations… OK, really the overall BEST BEST BEST photo posted will get a one-on-them dinner and drinks with their Co-Leaders at a medium priced bar/grill of our choice that rhymes with Doono’s or CappleBee’s or Jim Jorton’s.

Contest starts this Friday at 12:01AM EST and comes to a complete close the following Thursday at 11:59PM PST. Enter as many times as you’d like. As always, be awesome.

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