2 post kind of day…(YEG)

Not often are you treated to 2 blog posts to distract you from the daily tasks. Having to publish a We missed you is a rare occasion in fact and even rarer, almost as rare as spotting Seumas in pants or Nonnie frowning, is having to write a We missed you post for a fellow tribe leader. If you have yet to occupy your coffee break or lunch hour laughing at Tyler’s expense, I suggest you do that after you finish reading the summary of this morning.

Summary of this morning:

  • People gathered at the bottom of the stairs
  • Steven brushed the glasses off Guy’s face as he sprinted up the stairs to grab a perfect pre-workout shot (that’s what we were looking for if you were wondering what was going on before the bounce)
  • The tribe huddled together, the tribe got loud, the tribe said good morning, the tribe is GOOD!
  • #safetythird captain Nadim reminded tribe to beware of ice and dark, newbies signed waivers
  • 3-2-1…we set off up the stairs, did some push-ups, sit-ups, high 5’d the constable, did some burpess, came back down the stairs…repeat for 30 min
  • Meanwhile Ryan found lost glasses, Hayley tiny hands grabbed glasses, glasses were returned before Guy had to descend the stairs in the dark.
  • Meanwhile injury deck went into full action
  • High five gauntlet formed at the call of “TIME”
  • Announcements were made, Dee’s birthday boom echoed, photo was taken, Steven stopped traffic, hugs were given, parking lot emptied
  • Blog 1 was written
  • Tyler woke up
  • Blog 2 was written
  • (you can check out the photo version of this blog post by checking out Steven’s photog brilliance on our NP FB site)


Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM Bounce

Sunday, February 14 – “Be Part of the Hype” Whitemud Park / Keillor Road 9:30AM

Sunday, February 21 – “Tribes of November Project iHuman Headquarters 2PM (yoga & potluck)

Until next time…SMILE! J


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