It’s A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
a beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you mine?
Won’t you be–my neighbor?

Howdy, neighbor! Why don’t you sit down, while I unlace my sneakers and put on my slippers… I hope you had as much fun this morning as I did. While it was difficult to figure out who the faces were running in Borough 2 this morning at the 5:30 group (5.2 in the tracker–5 for “5:30” group, 2 for “Borough 2.” Drop yours accordingly.), I got to learn all sorts of people’s names, and we pushed each other. People started nippin’ heels, and callin’ out slackers. It was exactly the point of today’s workout.


For those of you that weren’t there, A new workout was designed by Sir Christopher Capozzi in which the tribe is broken into 7 Boroughs, each with a different speed goal in mind. Borough 1 was home to the fastest crazies at the top of the leaderboard, Borough 2 held all the fast cats that weren’t arrogant enough to call themselves 1s, all the way to Borough 7 who weren’t trying to set any records–but are still showing up and having a blast. Each Borough in Harvard Stadium consisted of 5 sections. Borough 1 = Sections 5-1, Borough 2 = Sections 10-6, B3 = S15-11, etc. Once you finish your set of 5, you run up behind the bleachers and start over at the beginning of your borough. The goal of this workout is meet the people you consistently find yourself racing with at the end of a full tour. These are the people that will pump you up at Section 9 when you’re ready to drop dead, and they’ll be the first ones to hug you when you finish at Section 1. It’s important to know these people because whether you know it or not, you are motivating them. The tribe is stronger, the tribe is more close-knit, and pretty soon–the tribe will be movin on up through the #7Boroughs.

1. Tomorrow night. Party at Janji at 144 Newbury St. Bring scissors and old cardboard. 6-9pm. (Cereal boxes or beer cases are perfect kinds of cardboard for this.) More details in this blog.
2. Friday hills. #verbal for that shit. We’re gonna make you do it Thursday night anyway. Might as well get it out of the way now.
3. SUNRISE 6K!!!!!!! The #Sunrise6k will be held NEXT MONDAY 12/21/15. It will be held at Pleasure Bay/Castle Island (tracker will be updated with precise location as soon as Tony D. gets off his ass and starts coding). November Project currently has somewhere between 26-30 tribes on board, and Boston needs to rep HARD. So bring your A game, get your beauty sleep Sunday night, and let’s race our balls off on Monday morning!! More details in THIS blog.

Much Love,
– Chris

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