Recruiting Paper Party (BOS)

Ever seen one of these round stamps on recycled cardboard, neon paper or blasted over social media?  Maybe you were recruited by one of these, which means they, in fact, do their job.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and haven’t seen a paper like this with a BIG ol ‘Fuck Yeah‘ on top; its about time you learn.  Friends, these are crucial to this movement and we’re about to have a long over due social gathering around them.

Let me rewind for a minute.  When this tribe was just a little wee one, a few dozen or so friends, we made huge strides to recruit people to #justshowup M/W/F mornings for #freefitness.  We would gather in bars with scissor, paper, lucky charm boxes (first dump out those ‘toasted oat pieces’, because we all know no one eats those), or whatever you have lying around, for what we call a Recruiting Paper Party.  Its a typical NP social event.  We’ll drink, have fun, probably get more than one bounce on, do some weird shit and get some looks from people who haven’t quite figured out what we’re all about.  We’ll also stamp some papers, cut them out and leave with a stack.  They are great to hand out to runners on the esplanade, use as business cards (we all “work” for November Project on FB), left on bars as coaster or my personal favorite — used as bike noise makers.  The point is we pass these out to recruit people, help spread the word and get more people involved in this community.  So let’s do this, let’s bring back the recruiting paper and get this tribe even stronger than it’s ever been. BOOM!

So when’s this all going down?

This Thursday December 17th, 2015 from 6-9 PM.  Come for part of it, all of it, or whatever works for you.

Where at?

All this goodness is happening at the Janji Store.  The address is 144 Newbury Street.  Big thanks to Janji for donating the space for us to host this event.

What you need?

Bring an ID.  Janji is super graciously providing us with Mighty Squirrel beer! (water will be available too) We strongly recommend bringing: scissors, paper, thin cardboard for recruiting papers. Bring $$ if you want to do some discounted shopping for cool apparel.


This is not a real question, so I’m not going to waste time listing the reasons why.  #justshowup to find out.

Recruit & Socialize? Isn’t this group large enough?

If you’re asking this seriously, then you haven’t read Em Sauce’s blog from last week.  This tribe is strong, but we can become stronger by getting to know the dudes and dudettes racing next to you.  Almost all of us have our stories of how this movement has made us better humans, so we never want to hear this group is ‘getting too big’.  The only thing getting too big these days is Em’s arms and Payne’s mustache.  Let’s spread this awesome community and recruit others to join.

We hope to see as many of you as possible.  Much love,


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  1. Thursday 12/15?  No such date exists.  So, is it Tues 12/15 or Thurs 12/17?  If the latter I may be able to make it.  Here’s hoping.

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