SUNRISE 6K, 12/18/15, 6:16 AM.  PIER 45 on the Hudson River.  Winter is coming…..

Our course is out in the open for all to see and check. And yea, its 3 loops of a 2.0007km course.  Yea, we that good here.
– One portion of the course is out and back, so there is one hard turn that will be done three times.  It wasn’t that bad.
– Log on to the tracker, #VERBAL, and then throw your time on after the race. Also, if you are going to run with a phone, download Strava.  If you run with a Garmin, get a Strava account and link your Garmin to it.  More to come about that later.  Its easy.
– Yes, I measured the course three different times, using three different methods.  Its legit.  As well as 100 people in June with their fancy device thingys. Click on the photo to go to the Strava Race Page.


So, for the above average observer, this is the EXACT SAME COURSE as we ran in June.  And do you know what the best part is? The weather is going to be better than in June.  Is that possible? Yea, it is.  So get your self in bed on Thursday at a decent hour and get ready to throw down.  6:16 am.

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