We’re Gonna Go There

We’re gonna go there…

…and back again.

The workout today on this beautifully chilly – but not snowy – December morning was #ThereAndBackAgain.  It’s where we put time on the clock and you run from section 37 up those wonderful big seats and down the cozy crimson steps as far around that horseshoe of a stadium until the “halfway” time is called, and you race yourself back.  If you pushed yourself hard on the way out, the challenge is to race yourself on the way back so you finish at section 37 just when time is called.  It’s a nice (read: really kickass) way to figure out whether you can maintain your speed for an entire workout, rather than just cruising fast and then crashing.  In the sport of rowing, we’d call that the “fly & die” strategy–which, you can imagine from the name–was never very effective, especially in the endurance races.  It also helps you realize when you’re underestimating yourself, holding back, or not quite unleashing your full beast on the stairs.  If you made it back to 37 with time to spare, then you’ve got more to give!

Everyone who counted sections should totally, definitely record your score so you can compare the next time we do it.

The other place we’re gonna go is here: A member of the tribe shared something with me recently that reminded me why November Project is so important, and so powerful as a free fitness movement that is creating a worldwide community.  He said, “thank you for seeing me.” It’s the very thing that Bojan did for BG and BG did for Bojan in the whole month of the original November Project in 2011.  They saw each other.  Really saw one another as friends, teammates, athletes, and fellow wierdos who were showing up each and every day.  And even as the Project, and the pair of them became a tribe, they never stopped seeing each other or the rest of the tribe.  People felt valued and important, they felt like they could be encouraged and encouraging, and they could see more in themselves because they were seen by the tribe.  Some people say that NP loses something if/when it gets “too big,” but I think there’s an error with that statement.  We only lose connection, or that sense of being truly seen, if we stop looking.

Every single person who wakes up in the dark early mornings, laces up their shoes, and just shows up is valuable and valued at NP.  That’s what makes it a community.  And every single one of us have potential to gain from the athletic and fitness opportunities presented at workouts.  That’s what keeps it hard, and interesting and fun.  So I want us to spend just as much time seeing the people around us as we spend posting, recounting, or recruiting on social media.  Let’s commit to hugging (and talking to!) those “singles” — the people who show up alone or with their one friend and look like they know no one.  Maybe they’re brand new (and need a hug), or maybe they’ve been coming for a month or two but haven’t yet made those connections we all know happen when you stick around long enough.  Maybe when you reach your arms around them and keep asking their name every week until you remember it, just maybe you’re doing it on that tipping point day for them–the day when they are thinking “NP is supposed to be this great community but everyone else are great friends and I don’t know anyone.  I’m not going to come back after today.”  Let’s not let those people stand there wondering how anyone “really becomes a part of the tribe.” I say, go there.  Go grab them and tell them you’re glad there here.  And keep saying it.  They’ll realize that you see them and they matter.

If I could possibly hug every single one of you at each workout, you bet I would.  I’m a hug machine.  But sometimes I can’t.  What I am always doing, however, is my very best to see you.  To know you.  To be excited and proud that you’re there.  I’m grateful that many of you feel that and let me know how much it means when you do.  I’m going to keep working with CPayne and Capozzi on building this tribe, both in numbers of people working out for free dollars, and also in the richness of the community we create together.  All of us are powerful tribe members–let’s all do more seeing of awesome human beings in the tribe.  Let’s go there.


#PRHills on Friday. Just. Show. Up.

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