Not trying to yell. Just need your attention. There’s a lot happening in our lives so while Kaelan finds out where the flower-patterned vest is being sold and if she can get there in time, we’ll break it down for you, right here…Step Up (To The Streets) style:

WHERE THEY AT: It’s a shame, really. The people you trust the most, falling from the highest of heights to the coldest of colds. When your friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/bestfriends decide that sleep is better than hugging you hard. When not just a single verbal but double verbals are broken. We appreciate those that have helped keep these folks accountable. THIS is the only way we get through the winter together. We’re counting on you to hold us and each other accountable. I know if I didn’t show, there’d be an uproar. People would say I’m not dedicated. That I’ve gone soft. That I spent my time practicing ribbon twirling instead of hugging friends (no offense meant to those that twirl ribbons, Chris. It’s serious work).


Michelle’s Spot:

  1. Read the IG post.
  2. Repost group (or action NP) photos on social media platforms.
  3. Tag Michelle Obama (maybe the rest of the Obamas as well).
  4. Recruit FLOTUS.

#Sunrise6k: Started last year, this race is a way (outside of PR week) to see how fast we’re getting over time against ourselves, each other, and other tribes. The next DC edition is happening on January 6th during the usual 5:30 and 6:30AM workouts. Two chances to run. Tell everyone about it. It’s FREE (obviously…and who doesn’t love a free race?) and when you don’t know what to say when people ask what you’re training for, just tell them 6k. Suddenly, you’re telling them about November Project and boom, they’re at a workout. Easy enough.

BAGS: In lieu of recent events, our policy needs to change a bit. On WEDNESDAYS, we get that some of you go straight to work from Lincoln which means some of you have baggage (we can still be friends?). The carry-on bag limit at LINCOLN is ZERO from here on out. Stowing your bag in a friend’s car could be an option. We’re still brainstorming workable solutions (suggestions welcome via email). If you must bring a bag and can’t check your bag, then make sure it’s a bag with which you can run/jog/walk stairs. (water bottles, stripped off layers, etc. are still ok. If things change, we’ll let you know)

NEW TRIBES: Forget 26 cities. Changes are happening. Will we reach 30 cities soon? Keep an eye out for who’s next…(hint: we’ve added two new cities. One is in Canada, the other in the deep South)

FRIDAY: 4th place favorite location from 2015 is the ZOO. Before it changes it’s hours, we’ll hit them up one last time for some free fitness. Meet HERE at 6:28AM. Get ready for a wild time.


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