Kaelan is trying to beat Matt Cassi in the Sunrise 6k (DCA)

  1. Excellent work on the ZERO bags today, dudes and dudettes. If you didn’t bring one A+; if you did bring one and you ran with it A+; if you brought one and you made someone else run with it, I don’t know if we can consider it an A+ but I’m a fan of your work.
  2. I wasn’t doing anything as scientific as timing (I was wearing a watch, but you know when it’s cold and your watch gets stuck under your long sleeves with the thumb holes and it would take 99% more effort than you’re willing to exert to actually dig the watch out?) today, but 5:30 AND 6:30 finished that workout considerably (but unscientifically) faster than they ever have before. Were there fewer of us? Maybe. Is it unseasonably warm and we’re running like it’s summer? Enjoy it. ARE WE GETTING FASTER? IDK MAYBE.
  3. Next Wednesday it is either the shortest or longest day of the winter or the summer. Wear an exorbitant (under over on how many tries spelling that word took??) number of glow sticks to celebrate. I’ll be accepting glowing highlighter neon prizes for figuring out how seasons and sunlight work within the week.
    1. I googled imaged if for you so you have an idea of how cool this idea could be.
    2. Want me to google map you to the nearest CVS with glowsticks?
  4. I was hoping to have a longer list.
  5. Just so I could prove Steve wrong.
  6. SUNRISE 6K is on January 6th. We’ll be running 6 kilometers. Just over 3 miles. Why? Because running a 5K is like when Adam Sandler tried to tell us it was cool to pee our pants. We’re runners, it happens, and it’s not that cool. A 6k is though.

Things you could do BEFORE THE 6K

  • Join me in trying to beat Matt Cassi.
  • Choose your own person to try to beat.
  • Shit talk to their faces (or on a blog, with possible double digit viewership).
  • Look up your friends’ times.
  • Look up times from the San Francisco tribe (did they win last time?)
  • Pick a random person on FB from another tribe and poke them, then tell them that you’re trying to race the 6k. Game on.
  • Train?
  • Come to every NP btwn now and January 6th.
  • Come to HALF OF THE NPs btwn now and January 6th.
  • #verbal for the 6k
  • Come to every NP that you’re in DC for before January 6th.
  • #traverbal over your christmas vacation.

If you still read the blog/actually read this blog in it’s entirety. I appreciate you. Thanks for sticking with me, the Black Eyed Peas and history themed workouts.


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