Hey there, Hi there!

Hey there, hi there we are Kurt and Mitch!  Also known as Denim on the Diamond

We have been attending November Project for a year now and the support we receive not just from Steve, Kwame and our former leader Roz (which by the way last year looked like Mario in denim overalls and we loved it) but from every person who attends those workouts and encourages us in fitness but also supports whatever crazy vision we have that day! 

Last year we started on a journey to create an outdoor music festival not only for our love of local talent, our love for music but for our love for Kelowna – to create a space for people to come together and have a great time. Much like NP but without the workout portion (although if you count dancing, it could be considered same same but with beer.) 

Roz and Steve really saw our vision vision from the beginning and the opportunity to further connect our community – so they allowed us to present our idea at announcement time (anyone who knows Steve knows he does not like people announcing out of turn or by surprise, I mean those things are long enough) but they allowed us to ask the NP community to come and support us, not only as attendees but as Volunteers. It was incredible to see the support and the people stepping up to support our dream. We also hired some of NP’s favourite people to help us figure our shit out – (year one wouldn’t have been possible without Gary Brucker as our Site Manager aka put out fires you see, we love you Gary, and we have now hired Michelle Dupuis as our Staff/Volunteer Coordinator but really she just yells at us which we need from time to time to get SH*T done!)

We love our Wednesday morning workouts, we love this community, we love the friendships we have made, the hugs we receive and we love lapping Colin Basran on a weekly basis. 

This year as we embark on this journey again we just wanted to say THANK YOU for being you. Whether you have come once, or follow NP on social media or have given us a high five on your way by, we are truly grateful. 

If you are interested in attending this year you can purchase tickets here

Or if you want to come out, listen to music and volunteer click here.

See y’all Wednesday 629am at the sails! (or at 635 when Kurt shows up)

Kurt + Mitch 

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