Babysat (YEG)

Leadership meeting means two things… one the leaders are heading out of town for the weekend and two the inmates get to run the asylum while there gone…

It truly was an honour being selected to “babysit” the tribe even though they mentioned the tribe shouldn’t trust us with their kids (for the record we combine for 6 kids and they are all alive and doing sorta ok).

Aside from Mike not showing up I think we handled the babysitting duties ok we showed, we bounced, we good morning’d, we fuck yeah’d and we worked out for 29 minutes on Walterdale hill… we even had a few birthday booms and remembered the group photo..:

We didn’t have waivers even though we had a few new people show up and were sure to invite them back out so they can sign waivers. Luckily no one got hurt…

People ask us all the time what the fWo means… it really is whatever you want it to be… but today let’s just say it was fun with others …

Thanks for coming out

Kelly, Sean #andmike

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