Hey there, Hi there!

Hey there, hi there we are Kurt and Mitch!  Also known as Denim on the Diamond

We have been attending November Project for a year now and the support we receive not just from Steve, Kwame and our former leader Roz (which by the way last year looked like Mario in denim overalls and we loved it) but from every person who attends those workouts and encourages us in fitness but also supports whatever crazy vision we have that day! 
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My name is CARLI

Hello Everyone!

My name is Carli, nice to meet you all! I am the quiet one in the pink sweater.

I have been apart of the tribe since October 2018 and have been there almost every week since I started going. I have been following NP on Instagram for a few years now and have wanted to join in but was afraid to go alone. When I saw my good friend Jordan was going I knew it was time to join the tribe!
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How I discovered November Project.

Hi my names Jay, and here is my story about how I discovered November Project.

But first, a little background on me. I moved to the Shuswap in the fall of 2016 from Williams Lake for the environmental program in the Salmon Arm’s campus. After a year’s time, particular circumstances led me to the Kelowna’s campus. The transitions have been very difficult in all honesty. However, I’ve stayed true to my studies and have kept moving forward.
Upon arrival here, it was an actual culture shock from Williams Lake in many regards. Further, being the new guy in town has posed challenges, and I’ve constantly found myself searching for like-minded
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