Heathen, Yeti, Racer, or Simply Bojan.

The workout you missed this AM was called “BG’s favorite workout of 2013.” That’s right, knee deep snow similar to this past weekend of Ma Nature reminding us who’s boss, mixed with teams of two, mounds of goose poop a la our first #DestinationDeck of all time (photo below), and the usual racing and fun. The lucky ones who made it out to the Harvard track had a blast… a total blast.

My legs are pretty shot from crawling, jumping, dancing, and commuting to this odd workout. For those of you who were there, we all shared something special. This was the first location we’ve ever repeated for a Monday workout and I think we all can agree it was very different than the last time.

WORKOUT: Run from your house, join November Project at the Harvard track, sing happy birthday, pair up, 30 minutes for as many reps as possible. One rep = each partner does 10 “Bojan’s” then switches roles. When complete, both partners race around snow covered track. Total number of reps was each team’s score. Simple, fun, hard, cold, perfect.

We are November Project. We are changing the way people think about fitness and community here in Boston, MA.

We got a storm in New England that people are freaking out about. Snow in February!? Crazy.
We added a name to the We Missed You section of the site.
We are almost ready to release the plans for the spring race and “respectfully disruptive” recruiting plans.
We don’t really have winter compared to Wisconsin or Serbia but Boston needs more “news” to report other than NP activities.

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